There's Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers – Neighbourhood Watch Month

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This month, crime prevention partners Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia are coming together again for Neighbourhood Watch Month and bringing you ‘Safety in Numbers’.

There’s safety in numbers

Putting new meaning to ‘Safety in Numbers’, the month-long campaign encourages homeowners to join others in their local community to build safer, more crime-resilient neighbourhoods by collectively improving the Secure Score of each home in their local area.

The higher a home’s Secure Score, the better protected it is against unwanted break-ins, theft or property damage. And the higher the average Secure Score in a local community, the more resilient it is against crime.

To help homeowners boost their Secure Score, we’ve developed the tiered action plan below.

Tiered action plan

Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia have developed a tiered action plan detailing simple ways homeowners can boost their Secure Score, improve their home security, and by doing so, improve the overall safety of their neighbourhood.

The tiered actioned plan lists thirteen home security improvements a homeowner could make to boost their Secure Score by up to 66 points. While some security improvements require a small investment, many could be done at no cost – proving that improving home security doesn’t have to cost much.

You can download the complete tiered action plan below, but here are some simple ways you can boost your Secure Score and help reduce crime in your neighbourhood:

Home Security improvements – $0

  • +3 points – Keep shoes by the front door
  • +5 points – Move your wheelie bins to a secure location, not against the house
  • +6 points – Lock your garden shed and garage

Home Security improvements – $250+

  • +3 points – Install a peephole on your front door
  • +6 points – Install sensor lights around external doors and windows

Home Security improvements – $500+

  • +4 points – Install visible alarms or CCTV cameras
  • +8 points – Have Crimsafe security screens installed on your doors and windows


The complete tiered action plan, worth 66 Secure Score points, can be accessed in two ways:

  • Find out your Secure Score here, then get your free copy in your inbox for future reference; or
  • Download a free copy here.

If you’d like to find out what safety in numbers means for your neighbourhood, check out your Secure Score now –

What is Secure Score?

Since it launched in 2021, Secure Score has attracted more than 100,000 visitors. It has provided many homeowners a tailored action plan and practical tips to improve their home security measures. A joint initiative by Crimsafe and NHWA, the free online home security audit tool was designed to promote safer and more secure communities by empowering homeowners to make their homes more secure.

A home’s Secure Score is determined by assessing the security measures from the street level, within the yard and inside the home. Each security feature, such as a spotlight, security camera or security screen, is assigned a value that makes up a home’s Secure Score – a score out of 100.

Find out your Secure Score now –