Carbon Fibre Screw Clamp Technology

Crimsafe CF6 Carbon Fibre Screw Clamp Technology

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Screw Clamp Technology has been the backbone of Crimsafe’s range of products since the business began to produce high-quality security screens in 1995. We’ve proven time and again, that the vice-like grip created by our Screw Clamp onto the Crimsafe mesh, is the strongest and most reliable security screen product on the market.

This vice-like grip is what gives Crimsafe its incredible strength and its ability to withstand tremendous force by absorbing and dispersing impact around the frame of the screen.

Far from resting on our laurels, we have spent years designing and engineering a new way of securing our 304 Structural Grade 0.9mm mesh into our door and window frames. The result of many sleepless nights in our Research & Development Centre – you could say, we never sleep so that you can.

The CF6 Screw Clamp

CF6 represents a step-change in how we protect homes across the globe. While continuing to use the principle of our long-established Screw Clamp Technology, CF6 utilises innovative design and engineering practices, to create a new benchmark in home security.

Crimsafe CF6 Screw Clamp Technology uses carbon fibres to reinforce the composite materials that form the basic structure of the clamp. We use only the highest quality polymers and thermoset resins to ensure our system will exceed other competitor products.

Carbon Fibre Screw Clamp Technology

Before manufacturing of our CF6 Screw Clamp begins, we carefully select the carbon fibre, resin and weave, to ensure that the individual clamps are manufactured to the highest standard possible. We call this our “layup schedule” – a strict set of guidelines, to ensure 100% consistency in the production of each and every clamp we produce.

Each clamp is produced with “zero-angle” carbon fibres to make it extremely rigid and strong. It is this consistency throughout each and every clamp applied to your Crimsafe screen that gives it such tremendous strength upon impact.

Carbon Fibre Screw Clamp Technology

Let’s make a screen

Not all security screens are made equal. The most advanced materials and processes in the world, are nothing without proper construction and execution.

Our CF6 development process has been extraordinary. As part of our commitment to securing homes and businesses across the globe, our testing facility has been relentless in its pursuit of perfection for this new system.

We have tested literally thousands of clamp pieces to destruction, before refining performance across a variety of different door and window applications.

Carbon Fibre Screw Clamp Technology

We take this part of our process extremely seriously. We make hundreds of samples, thoroughly testing our products for any weakness. We then make changes and improvements, repeating the process until we’re happy. We don’t release any new products until we’re satisfied that they are worthy of the Crimsafe name.

As a measure of how good this product is, the first person in Australia to have it installed on their home is our Quality Assurance Manager.

Carbon Fibre Screw Clamp Technology