5 reasons to have security windows

5 reasons why you need Crimsafe security windows for your home

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Windows are fantastic for what they let in – and for blocking the things you don’t want in your home.

Crimsafe security windows offer an additional element of safety and security from the elements and unwanted intruders. All the while allowing natural ventilation and achieving a more energy-efficient environment in your home.

If you’re looking for additional peace of mind that’s also a breath of fresh air, Crimsafe has you covered. Check out our range of window security screens in a selection of styles and colours that can be custom-made to suit all shapes, sizes and window configurations without compromising on design, style or security.

Here are five more reasons to invest in Crimsafe window security screens for your home beyond the obvious safety and security benefits.

Fall prevention

Crimsafe window security screens are professionally fitted and strong enough to keep littlies safe and prevent accidental falls from upper levels. In fact, all our window security screens are compliant with the National Construction Code for the Protection of Openable Windows. Choose from hinged windows that open inwards or outwards or fixed windows, which are locked into place, with all styles made-to-measure for your home by an authorised Crimsafe supplier in your local area.

Unhindered views

Forget unsightly grilles and bars on windows that keep you safe but obstruct your outlook. Crimsafe window security screens offer unrestricted views and promote the feeling of spaciousness. Options include Safe-S-Cape windows, a unique emergency escape system that can be easily opened from the inside with a push of a button, and sliding windows with more security than flyscreens and a clear advantage when it comes to enjoying the outside views.

Fresh air and breezes

Let the fresh air and natural cooling breezes flow around your home without skimping on safety and security. Free-flowing air is important to increase evaporation, decrease humidity and carry the heat outside buildings. Crimsafe is also tough enough to provide extra protection during a storm or cyclone and block hailstones and windborne debris. Bushfires? No sweat. Crimsafe provides the highest level of protection from ember attack, radiant heat and the impact of burning matter on glass.

Energy efficiency

The Australian Window Association (AWA) estimates that 40 per cent of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows and up to 87 per cent of a home’s heat is gained through windows. Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff mesh makes your home more energy efficient by blocking up to 53 per cent of solar heat gain and 62 per cent of UV rays and harnessing natural sources of cooling such as fresh air and breezes. Pretty cool huh?

Insect protection

Screen all unwanted guests – big or small. Protect your family and home from uninvited visitors – from bugs and insects to burglars and intruders – with Crimsafe security screens. Sliding windows offer a stylish way to enjoy the fresh air minus the mosquitos and flies and are ideally suited for kitchens and bathrooms.


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