Bushfires now a year-round threat

Bushfires Pose an Increasing Threat as El Nino Approaches

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Bushfires are becoming an increasingly common topic, and as we approach the expected El Nino season, The Brisbane Times has reported that warning letters have been sent to 30,000 households in 26 bushfire-prone Brisbane suburbs, with more burn-offs planned.

The last three years of El Nino have brought rain and flooding, which has produced a strong level of vegetation growth. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Assistant Commissioner John Cawcutt states that this growth poses an extra threat as we head into the drier El Nino season.

This is a reminder that Australian households need to take proactive steps to be prepared for the threat of bushfires all year round. It is a good time to re-visit the NSW Rural Fire Services top five actions to make your home safer:

  1. Trim overhanging trees and shrubs
  2. Mow grass and remove the cuttings
  3. Remove material that can burn around your home (e.g. Doormats, woodpiles, mulch, leaves, paint, outdoor furniture)
  4. Clear and remove all the debris and leaves from the gutters surrounding your home
  5. Prepare a sturdy hose or hoses that will reach all around your home. Make sure you’ve got a reliable source of water.

The NSW Rural Fire Service also recommends more permanent protections for your home, including installing metal security screens on all windows and vents.

Crimsafe security screens are tested to meet the highest levels in bushfire protection, with Fire-Tuff® stainless-steel mesh specifically designed to a size and shape (1.5mm x 1.5mm aperture) that meets the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 bushfire protection guidelines.

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