Common ways burglars enter homes

The Most Common Ways Burglars Enter Homes

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Burglary is something that many people assume will never happen to them, but when it does, it can be a traumatic, emotional, and costly experience. Those who believe that they are not at risk can be among the most likely to be targeted by thieves, who take advantage of one’s naivety and a false sense of security.

In 75% of burglaries, it takes the intruder less than 5 minutes to break in. If finding a way in is proving too difficult or timely, the burglar will likely give up and move onto another, more accessible house. This means that deterring a burglary can be quite simple if you’re aware of their most common places of entry.

Here are some of the common ways burglars will enter your home:

The front door

While 40% of break-ins are via forced entry, it may be a surprise to learn that 32% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door. It can be easy to forget to lock up, so it’s a matter of making a habit of doing so, even when you’re home. An easy-to-find spare key is another way to welcome a burglar through your front door, so make sure if you have a spare key, it’s not hidden in a predictable location or close to the door. It would also be wise to invest in a strong security screen for your doors to ensure forced entry is not an option.


Similar to doors, windows can be quite easy to break into. Australia sees a peak in burglaries in the summer when windows are often left open for fresh air and are rarely locked. This is especially true for second-floor windows and balconies, as while it may seem far-fetched for a burglar to scale the house, nearby trees, tables or windowsills provide an easy up for a criminal. Always ensure your windows have a secure locking system or security screen and remember to keep them locked up.

Pet doors

Burglars are not always physically large, so a cat-flap or doggy-door can give them enough space to slide inside. To prevent this, invest in a pet entrance that can be locked from the inside, and be sure that it cannot be jimmied open from the outside. 


It can be easy to forget about the other doors around the home, particularly the garage. But a seasoned burglar knows better. Not only will you put the contents of your garage (including your car!) at risk, but if your garage leads into the home, it’s a welcoming passage for a criminal to get inside. Always ensure your garage door is locked, and better yet, secured with tough security screening. 

Be vigilant

Preventing burglaries has a lot to do with vigilance and remembering to lock up, but sometimes despite best intentions, a burglar will find a way through with forced entry. Crimsafe screens are proven to stand against force, impact, and tool attacks. Our revolutionary security-screen doors and windows allow you to protect your home and family from unwanted visitors (insects included). Crimsafe is made-to-measure and can be custom built to fit any application, from windows to pool fences, so for that extra layer of defence, Crimsafe is the smartest choice.