Secure September

Strengthen your home security with some Home Crimprovement

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This National Secure Your Home Day, crime prevention partners Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia are urging homeowners to dedicate one day to doing a little ‘home crimprovement’ to strengthen their home security and improve their Secure Score.

Here are some ways you can do some ‘Home Crimprovement’ at your place:

  • Move your wheelie bins to a secure location, not against the house
  • Lock your gates – both front and back with a solid padlock
  • Lock your garden shed and garage
  • Trim trees so crim’s have nowhere to hide
  • Install security screens to protect from unwanted intruders
  • Install cameras to deter criminals and monitor your home
  • Fixed sliding doors can reduce the risk of a break-in
  • Adding sensor lights can light up dark areas at night

For more tips and tricks, follow Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia on Facebook and Instagram.

What is Secure Score?

Secure Score is a free, online home security audit tool designed to promote safer and more secure communities by empowering homeowners to make their homes more secure. A home’s Secure Score is determined by assessing the security measures from the street level, within the yard and inside the home. Each security feature, such as a spotlight, security camera or security screen, is assigned a value that makes up a home’s Secure Score – a score out of 100.

Find out your Secure Score now –

More information?

If you’d like more information about National Secure Your Home Day, visit the official site here.