Resilience Road testing

Crimsafe put to the test for Suncorp’s Resilience Road

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Suncorp Resilience Road

Building a more resilient Australia

Suncorp’s recent campaign, ‘Resilience Road,’ encourages Australians to do what they can to make their homes more resilient against future extreme weather events. The campaign takes the learnings from their 2021 ‘One House‘ campaign and applies them as practical and effective measures that everyday Australians can make to help protect their homes and way of life and lessen the impacts of extreme weather.

Working with Crimsafe, builders, suppliers and other industry-leading experts, Suncorp renovated four homes in a Rockhampton street to make them more resilient to the severe weather – creating ‘Resilience Road’.

Crimsafe is proud to be a part of ‘Resilience Road’ and have our Crimsafe Ultimate cyclone and ember screens specified and installed to form a protective barrier across the front façade of the home at number 10 Resilience Road.

Crimsafe and Suncorp

Back in 2021, in partnership with Room-11 architects, James Cook University (JCU), CSIRO, and other industry-leading experts, Crimsafe Ultimate screens were tested and specified for their ability to provide protection against bushfires and cyclones and were used on the exterior of the house to effectively reduce the damage caused by bushfire ember attacks, damaging winds, and wind-driven debris.

It was Crimsafe’s ability to withstand incredible impact and provide protection during these simulated, extreme weather events that they were again specified for the ‘Resilience Road’ project.

Crimsafe put to the test

During testing conducted by CSIRO, the Crimsafe screens were subjected to massive impacts and exposed to prolonged periods of severe bushfire conditions.

Bushfire protection screens

Crimsafe screens have been tested to meet the highest levels in bushfire protection and can be used in bushfire-prone areas up to and including those rated BAL-FZ when used in conjunction with a compliant window system. The small aperture of the Crimsafe screen effectively reduced the embers from penetrating the screen, while the screen itself reduced the attenuation of heat, leaving the house not only survivable but also comfortable.

View the ‘One House’ bushfire testing here. Read more about our bushfire protection products here.

Cyclone-debris protection screens

At the JCU Cyclone Testing Station, while other screens crumbled, Crimsafe was proven to withstand the impact of a four-kilogram hardwood timber missile projected at the screen at 28 m/s (meters per second) – equivalent to the Australian Standard. Independent testing previously conducted by JCU has proven that Crimsafe screens pass the highest levels for Cyclone Debris Screening required for regions C & D, withstanding impact up to 44 m/s.

View the ‘One House’ cyclone-debris testing here. Read more about our cyclone debris protection products here.

Resilience Road

Learn more about Crimsafe products

To find out more or to enquire about our bushfire and cyclone protection products, speak to the nearest Crimsafe licensed supplier in your area. Or, if you wish to specify Crimsafe for your next project, please send an email to

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