Suncorp One House

One House to Save Many

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A Suncorp initiative, in conjunction with Crimsafe

Suncorp One House to Save Many

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather. And while we can’t prevent it, we can equip our homes to better withstand the harsh conditions and reduce the severity of damage caused by bushfires, floods, and cyclones.

The Suncorp ‘One House to Save Many‘ campaign aimed to do just that – design and test a more resilient home for Australian’s.

In partnership with Room-11 architects, James Cook University (JCU), CSIRO, and other industry-leading experts, Crimsafe Ultimate screens were specified for their ability to provide protection against bushfires and cyclones.

Crimsafe Ultimate was used on the exterior of the house to effectively reduce the damage caused by bushfire ember attacks, damaging winds, and wind-driven debris. The screens were subjected to massive impacts and exposed to prolonged periods of severe bushfire conditions.

Crimsafe performed well to each test and proved effective to keep the occupants inside the house safe or enable them to return home after the weather event has passed.

Explore the Suncorp One House design and discover how Crimsafe can help you create a more resilient home.

Bushfire protection

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel mesh is specially designed to a size and shape that meets the requirements for bushfire protection as set by the Australian Standards (AS 3959-2009).

Testing conducted by the CSIRO demonstrates how effective Crimsafe is in protecting One House from ember attack and damage caused by radiant heat from a bushfire. The small aperture of the Crimsafe screen effectively reduces embers from penetrating the screen, while the screen itself reduces the attenuation of heat leaving the house not only survivable but also comfortable. View the testing here.

Crimsafe screens have been tested to meet the highest levels in bushfire protection and can be used in bushfire-prone areas up to and including those rated BAL-FZ when used in conjunction with a compliant window system.

Read more about our bushfire protection products here.

Suncorp One House to Save Many

Cyclone debris protection

Crimsafe Cyclone Debris screens can protect your home or business against storm-driven debris from wind gusts up to 392kph.

At the JCU Cyclone Testing Station, while other screens crumbled, Crimsafe was proven to withstand the impact of a four-kilogram hardwood timber missile projected at the screen at 28 m/s (meters per second) – equivalent to the Australian Standard. View the testing here.

Independent testing previously conducted by JCU has proven that Crimsafe screens pass the highest levels for Cyclone Debris Screening required for regions C & D, withstanding impact up to 44 m/s.

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Suncorp One House to Save Many

To find out more, or to enquire about our bushfire and cyclone protection products, speak to the nearest Crimsafe licensed supplier in your area.