A message from Qld Police

A Message from Queensland Police

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Lock Your Doors, Even When You Are Home

With the current social distancing and isolation requirements, most residential areas have more people at home than usual. While you are home, please continue to ensure that your doors and windows are locked and garage doors are closed and secured. Police have seen a continuation of break and enters into homes and secure car parking areas in multi-residential buildings.

Simple security measures like the ones below can help in reducing further break and enters. Make sure:

  • Security doors are in good working order with triple locks and finger guards installed
  • Doors are locked with a key even if you are home
  • Main doors are solid and patio bolts installed on sliding doors
  • Windows have key-operated locks. Always ensure you have good airflow
  • Keep valuables out of sight including car keys, house keys, mobile phones, handbags and wallets
  • Bikes, lawnmowers and garden implements such as ladders are locked away. Always keep your garage or shed door closed and locked with a key
  • Wheelie bins are secured in a location that prevents an intruder from using them to climb into your home
  • Consider installing sensor lighting to deter intruders from entering the home.
  • Trees and shrubs are trimmed to allow visibility to your property and your house number is clearly visible.

Keep an eye on your neighbours and their property and report all suspicious activity and behaviour to the police to assist in preventing and solving crime.

This article was originally written by South Brisbane District Crime Prevention and published on the Queensland My Police website.
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