Prepare for your Crimsafe Free Measure and Quote during COVID-19

How To Prepare for your Crimsafe Free Measure and Quote during COVID-19

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Each year, thousands of Australians get a free measure and quote to have Crimsafe installed in their home or business. After all, who doesn’t want their home and family to be protected by Australia’s strongest security screens?

Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our customers and Licensees remain our number one priority. In addition to implementing the Government’s recommendations, we’ve also adopted a Home Visitation Policy to ensure the safety of your family during your in-home free measure and quote. During this time, our Licensees will ask you a few questions prior to their visit, as well as take precautionary measures while in your home to minimise risks. These measures include washing and sanitising hands prior to entry, respectfully maintaining a 1.5 metres distance from others, wearing protective equipment where necessary, and sanitising all surfaces before and after your consultation. Of course, if you’d prefer to comply with the social-distancing restrictions during this time, your local Licensee can discuss some non-contact measures and quote solutions for you.

If you’ve got a free Crimsafe measure and quote coming up, be it at your home or conducted remotely, here are a few things to help you get the most out of your time with a Crimsafe installation expert. 

In-home measure and quote:

  • Only have those necessary involved with the consultation
  • Limit the consultation to one area of your house
  • Secure pets away 
  • Practice social-distancing where possible

Virtual or remote consultation:

  • Find a quiet space to allow for adequate communication 
  • Have measuring tape, note pad and pen available 
  • Be ready to step outside and do some measurements of your doors and windows

For all measure and quote consultations:

We’ve found that it works best if both you and your partner are present. Together, you can speak with the Crimsafe installation expert about what it is that you need for your home, what your expectations are, what areas of your home you’d like to protect, which doors and windows you want to be screened, and any specialty applications such as bi-fold doors or patio enclosures.

You’ll each have the opportunity to ask questions addressing your queries – safety, looks, functionality and the like. The Crimsafe expert will also be able to suggest the most efficient, economical and practical solution for your needs.

In the lead up to your free measure and quote, it’s a good idea to have already considered the following:

  • The doors and windows that you want to be protected
  • The level of Crimsafe protection you require – Regular, Ultimate or Commercial
  • The colours that will suit your home

Remember, our Crimsafe experts are there to answer any questions that you may have. Here are some of the most frequent ones that we get asked:

  • What makes Crimsafe so much stronger than other security screens?
  • Which windows and doors should I prioritise to make my home safer?
  • How long does an installation take?
  • What are the other benefits of Crimsafe?
  • How long after accepting the quote, will my Crimsafe be installed?
  • What colour frames are available, and which do you think would suit our home best?
  • What is the warranty period?

Remember, installing Crimsafe on your home or business isn’t just about keeping criminals out. Crimsafe is also an effective way of keeping out bugs and harmful UV rays, while still letting natural breezes flow freely through your home.

For more information, check out Crimsafe’s range of products.