We're more than a Door

At Crimsafe, We’re More Than A Door

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At Crimsafe, we’re more than a door. We secure windows too.

An open window is an open invitation to most burglars. In fact, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, a broken or unlocked window is one of the most common ways for a burglar to gain entry to your home. That’s why Crimsafe does window security screens too.

Installing window security screens is a simple and effective way to ensure your home isn’t an easy target for burglars. But not just any screens. Crimsafe has the strongest and widest range of window security screens on the market, and they’re specially designed and constructed to stop intruders in their tracks. 

Here are just a few reasons why you need Crimsafe window security screens:

Nothing comes close to Crimsafe strength 

Crimsafe doesn’t just meet Australian Standard for security screens; they go beyond them, exceeding standards for impact, jemmy and knife-shear testing. No wonder burglars steer clear of them! See our screens put to the test in the Crimpact Zone.

Made to fit any window

Hinged, fixed, sliding – you name it, Crimsafe can fit it. Our security screens are custom-made to protect all your windows, no matter what shape, size or configuration. View the full range here

Designed to outsmart bugs too

Crimsafe security screens aren’t just built to deter unwanted intruders; they’re designed to keep out insects too. It’s all to do with Crimsafe’s patented mesh – it’s sheer enough to give you a clear view outside yet strong enough to provide you with the confidence to leave your windows open, knowing that your home is protected. In fact, Crimsafe has been tested to prevent up to 99% of mosquitoes from passing through the mesh. Read more about the testing here.

Colour-coordinated for your home

No matter what your home style, Crimsafe has a wide range of standard colours available. Choose from our range of standard colours, or speak with your nearest Crimsafe supplier about customising a colour of your choice. Woodgrain and anodised finishes are also available. 

Safe-S-Cape option

If having an easy exit is an integral part of your emergency exit plan, look no further than Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Cape. These unique security screens keep your home secure from the outside while providing a quick and safe emergency exit at the push of a button.  

Guaranteed protection

For peace of mind, all Crimsafe products come with a 10-year warranty as standard. If you wish, you can extend this to up to 12 years or 15 years, depending on the Crimsafe range you purchase.

Some extra smart benefits 

Not all window security screens are equal. You’ll find Crimsafe screens also offer a range of extra benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. 

  • Energy-efficient – Crimsafe security screens help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Corrosion and UV protection – Crimsafe screens are designed to withstand rust and block up to 62% of harmful UV rays.
  • Fire-rated – Crimsafe screens are designed to provide added protection in the event of a bushfire. Read more about our Bushfire Protection products here

What’s the secret to clean screens?

Crimsafe also provides a range of products that make it easy to keep your screens sparkling clean and performing brilliantly – from wash and wax cleaners and stain removers to our popular microfibre cleaning glove. You can order these online anytime: Security doors, security windows, outdoor, specialty.