Why is Crimsafe so strong?

1 minute read

Our most frequently asked question… why is Crimsafe so strong?

It’s a combination of different, specially designed elements that makes Crimsafe the strongest mesh security screen on the market.

Crimsafe uses Screw-Clamp™ technology which screws the mesh into the frame and clamps it down with a vice-like grip. This spreads the load of any impact around the whole frame and back into the structure of the building, which means Crimsafe security screens can resist extreme impact.

Crimsafe screens also feature Tensile-Tuff® security mesh made from 0.9mm diameter 304 structural grade stainless-steel wire strands. These are woven together so that each strand supports the others around it, ensuring maximum performance when you need it most.

Most other security screens use a plastic wedge to hold the mesh in place, which is relatively easy for intruders to kick out.

The specifications pertaining to the mesh and other products that we supply are our target specifications. The actual specifications for items supplied may differ, taking into account reasonable manufacturing tolerances.