Spring Clean your Home Security

Top tips to Spring Clean your Home Security

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Together with our crime prevention partner, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

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Did you know that once the temperatures start rising, so does the number of home break-ins? It seems birds, blossoms and burglars just love to come out in the warmer weather – which is why Spring is the ideal time to make sure your home is clean, safe and burglar-proof.

Spring into action

“Where to start?” you ask. Thanks to Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, getting started is easy. The crime prevention partners have joined forces once again for Secure September, and this year are bringing you simple ways to improve clean-up crime around your home and local area as you go about your spring cleaning routine.

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Check your Score

Before you begin – check to see just how secure your home is. You can do this with Secure Score – a free online home security audit tool. You’ll get a score out of 100 and some simple tips to help you improve this score.

Security made simple

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Can’t wait for our posts? Here’s a sneak peek of our top tips to improve your home security this month.

Our top tips

Lock up your tools – don’t let your tools be one of the tools a burglar uses to break into your home. Don’t make it easy for them. Tidy up your tools, ladders and garden equipment and lock them up.

No places to hide – burglars look for an easy target where they won’t be seen. So limit the hiding places around your home. Cut back any overgrown trees and make sure your front door and windows can be easily seen from the street.

Put the spotlight on intruders – while cleaning your outdoor light fittings, consider installing sensor lights or smart lighting to protect your home. If you already have them, check that they’re in good working order and make sure the exits and entrances to your home are well lit. Putting burglars in the spotlight is an excellent way to send them packing!

No easy entrances  – when you spring-clean your windows, check to see how easy they are to access from the outside. Are they secure in their frames? Are they lockable? Have you considered security screens? View the range of Crimsafe security window screens.

Talking about security screens – when was the last time you washed yours? Regularly cleaning your screens will improve airflow, remove build-up and impurities and ensure they perform at their best. It’s easy to restore them to their former glory with the Crimsafe cleaning range.

Coming clean up front – while you’re cleaning your security windows and doors, make sure the entrance to your property is visible from your front door. Adding a peephole might be a good idea. Make sure you test the locks and that you have all the right keys on hand too. Having a single key for all screens and doors is very handy.

Don’t forget the back door – laundry doors are one of the most common entry points for burglars. So when you’re spring-cleaning your washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner this Secure September, take a moment to check all your back doors too.

The key to success – is not hiding your spare key under the mat, on a window ledge, around a door frame, in a fake rock or in the mailbox. While you’re cleaning up your garden, find a safe, secure place to hide a spare key that a burglar won’t think of.

 Protect your ID – your possessions aren’t the only things that burglars are after. Identity theft is on the rise too, so when you’re cleaning up your paperwork, be sure to properly destroy any documents containing personal details before putting them in your wheelie bin.

 Keep a record – spring-cleaning your living areas or sorting out your cupboards and wardrobes is the perfect time to compile a list of the serial numbers, makes and models of valuable items in your home. This will streamline the insurance process if you’re ever unlucky enough to be burgled.

Love your neighbour – as they say, everybody needs good neighbours. They’ll keep an eye on your property for suspicious activity, whether you’re home or away. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch program and display the Neighbourhood Watch sign prominently so burglars know that someone is likely to be keeping an eye on your home. You can find your local group here.

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