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Top 10 Items Stolen In a Burglary

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We all want to keep our property safe. Sometimes though, we become complacent with home security and allow ourselves to think, ‘it won’t happen to me’, or, ‘I don’t have anything worth taking’.

But let’s look at the stats. According to recent researchover 20% of Australian households had been burgled at some point. While 73% reported property had been stolen, and nearly 50% had property damaged. 

So how do you reduce your risk of a break-in? It starts with knowing what items are on the watch list for criminals, and taking steps to minimise the risk of your property becoming a potential target.

The Top 10 items stolen in a burglary

Recent crime statistics reveal that these are the top ten items stolen in a burglary:

  1.    Cash
  2.    Laptops
  3.    Jewellery
  4.    Cameras
  5.    Phones 
  6.    Wallets, handbags, purses
  7.    Identification documents
  8.    Televisions
  9.    Computer and video game equipment
  10.    Watches

It goes without saying that all burglars look for items that hold value, but they also look for things that are small, concealable and can be easily pawned for cash.

Protecting your items from being stolen

No burglar wants to be caught, so they move fast, choosing anything that they perceive to be valuable that is out in the open or not kept behind lock and key.

Knowing cash is the most desirable, make sure that your wallet/purse is always either on your person or hidden out of sight within your home. 

As with all valuables, store them away from doors and windows and out of sight from anyone who could be looking into your house from the outside. 

For any confidential documents like passports and bank statements that could be used for identity theft, consider putting this sensitive information in a safe that’s hidden somewhere in your home. Additionally, you may want to shred any old financial documents for an extra layer of security.

For any larger valuables, art or furniture in your home that you’d regard as a potential target, it’s a good idea to take photos of these items so that if they do ever get stolen, you have a record to show that they were originally yours.

Protecting your home

Statistics show that a staggering 75% of burglars take less than five minutes to enter a property, indicating that many do their research before they break-in.

They may take their time to determine the entry points to your home and assess the level of security you have in place to protect your home. Some things that they’ll be looking out for include:

When questioned by police, up to 70% of burglars said that doors and windows being left open was the main reason they targeted a property. Many of those burglars said that improved security was the reason they chose to look elsewhere.

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