Secure September Clean up Crime

Clean up Crime this Secure September

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Together with our crime prevention partner, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

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Once again, this Secure September, we’ve joined forces with our crime prevention partner Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, to encourage all Australian families and homeowners to clean up crime and make improvements to their home security as they go about their spring cleaning routine.

Clean Up Crime this Secure September

Just as the birds and blossoms come out in Spring, so too do burglars as they seek homes with windows and doors left open by homeowners hoping to let in some fresh air. We’ve endured enough this year, so that’s why Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia have come up with simple and effective ways for you to improve your home security as you spring-clean your home this month.

Clean your home of potential crime

Here are just a few ways you can check your home security as you spring clean. Of course, if you want more tips, you’ll need to follow us on our socials for more during the month – links are below.

  1. Crims hate the spotlight
    While cleaning outdoor light fittings this spring, check your sensor lights. Or, if you don’t have any, consider installing some. Sensor lights can deter intruders from entering your home.
  2. Get wheelie clean
    While cleaning your wheelie bins, check to see if they are stored away or chained to a fixed structure. Intruders often climb onto bins to help gain entry into windows or over fences.
  3. Have the minimum standard
    Did you know that 54% of homeowners don’t have security screens that meet the Australian Standards? As you spring-clean your curtains and blinds, make sure all your windows are well protected with security screens or locks to prevent unwanted entry from intruders.
  4. Clean your screens
    Regularly cleaning your security screens will improve airflow, remove build-up and impurities and ensure they perform at their best for years to come. Regardless of what security screens you have, the Crimsafe cleaning range will help restore your screens to their former glory. View the range here:

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Bonus tip!

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