What sets Crimsafe iQ apart

What Sets Crimsafe iQ Apart?

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When it comes to the strongest and most technologically advanced mesh security screen door on the market, there’s nothing stronger than Crimsafe iQ.

Years of research and development has culminated in a security screen door that has passed the toughest, most rigorous burglar-resistance test in the world – the RC2 Test; a test considered more stringent than those specified within the Australian Standard.

All Crimsafe security screens provide strong security for your home or business, but Crimsafe iQ takes your security to the next level. Crimsafe iQ incorporate smart technology with the patented design of Crimsafe Ultimate, to deliver exceptional strength and quality that is true to the Crimsafe brand.


Crimsafe is renowned for its superior strength.

While the Australian Standard for the ‘Dynamic Impact Test’ is five singular impacts of 100 joules each, each of our security screens has been tested designed to not only meet the Australian Standards but exceed them.

During independent testing conducted at the University of Queensland, Crimsafe Classic proved to be up to five times stronger than the Australian Standard, withstanding singular impacts up to 550 joules. Crimsafe Ultimate and Crimsafe iQ were proven to be up to seven times stronger than the Australian Standard, each withstanding impacts up to 750 joules.

But it’s the RC2 testing that sets Crimsafe iQ apart from any other mesh security screen door in Australia. The RC2 Test (EN1627:2011 RC2) is the toughest, most stringent burglar-resistance test in the world, and Crimsafe iQ is the only mesh security screen door available to buy in Australia, that has passed this test.

Crimsafe iQ has earned the title of ‘The Strongest Stainless-Steel Mesh Security Screen Door in Australia’.


A unique combination of engineering and technology features have been included to give Crimsafe iQ its unrivalled strength.

All Crimsafe screens are manufactured with the unique Screw-Clamp™ technology, and 0.9mm 304 structural-grade, Tensile Tuff® stainless-steel mesh, but there are some key differences that set Crimsafe iQ apart.

  • Twice as many screws concealed within the fastening system for greater stability and fastening.
  • Features 6 or 10 locking points – more than any other security screen door.
  • Reinforced with patented heavy-duty hinges and anti-lift pins to bolster the door into the frame.
  • A clip-on cover conceals the screws to prevent tampering.
  • A wider, stronger frame for improved rigidity.
  • Striker plate and build-out for a custom fit.
  • European designed hardware.

Additionally, the Crimsafe iQ range includes two models for you to choose from: mechanical (iQ-m) and electronic (iQ-e).

The iQ-m door features five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking and a mechanical lock.

The iQ-e door features three lock modules, providing a six-point locking system and electronic access options including keypad, Bluetooth and key fob.

iQ-e technology

Cutting edge technology further sets Crimsafe iQ-e apart, including:

  • day/ night programming can specify whether the door should lock automatically on closing.
  • emergency release from inside.
  • multiple access options including a choice of PIN code keypad, Bluetooth or key fob.
  • access to programming features via mobile app.
  • individually programmable PIN codes

Why choose Crimsafe iQ?

Put simply, it’s the strongest stainless-steel mesh security screen door in Australia.

Crimsafe iQ will provide your family, home and business with an unrivalled level of security so you can protect what matters most. And its smooth, sleek and wider profile will blend easily into any architectural design and provides convenient options to automate your security.

For more information about Crimsafe iQ, download the brochure.

If you’re interested in taking your security to the next level, get in touch with your nearest Crimsafe supplier for a free measure and quote today.