Secure your home for the holidays

Secure Your Home For The Holidays

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With Easter just around the corner, it’s worth making some preparations to ensure your home is safe if you’re planning on going away. Often a few simple steps can make a big difference to the appeal of your home to a potential burglar. 

Think twice before you share on social

These days it’s second nature to post updates about your plans and an upcoming holiday is an exciting thing to share with friends. But, a seemingly harmless picture from the airport or the beach could give a savvy burglar the green light to target your property. Making sure you have a private profile, and minimizing too much tell-tale info, are simple precautions but the safest option is not to post at all. Recently, there have been stories of insurance companies rejecting burglary claims if they’ve shared holiday snaps or stories on social media.

Remove that spare key

It’s common for many people to have a spare key hidden outside the house. You might think it’s a clever hiding place, but chances are it’s on a burglar’s list of typical spots to check.  Door mats, plant pots and fake bricks or rocks are all common, but some of the first places they will look.

Lock check

It seems so obvious but when’s the last time you checked every single door and window lock in your home? It only takes one unlocked window for an opportunistic thief to gain entry. Before you leave, do a double check of all entry points around the house.

Smarten up your home

Using smart home technology is a great way to trick potential burglars into thinking someone’s home. Lighting timers are very effective as burglars often scope a house out for a couple of days and no lights is a major clue that it’s empty. Smart devices now enable you to control your lighting or electrical devices by your phone so you could even turn the lights, TV or radio on and off at random times from the side of the pool!

Add a security screen

The addition of security screens to your doors or windows act as a deterrent as well as a physical barrier to entry. Most intruders won’t want the effort or noise associated with trying to pry open a quality security screen. It’s an investment worth making to help give you peace of mind when you’re away or at home. Check out our security doors page for more information on the range of applications Crimsafe offers for your home.