Suncorp Resilience Road

Resilience Road

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Suncorp Resilience Road

Welcome to Resilience Road

As parts of Australia continue to recover from the bushfires and floods that ravaged the east coast earlier this year, Suncorp is now encouraging Australians to do what they can to make their homes more resilient against future extreme weather events.

Their recent campaign, ‘Resilience Road,’ takes the learnings from their 2021 ‘One House‘ campaign and applies them as practical and effective measures that everyday Australians can make to help protect their homes and way of life and lessen the impacts of extreme weather.

Working with Crimsafe, builders, suppliers and other industry-leading experts, Suncorp renovated four homes in a Rockhampton street to make them more resilient to the severe weather elements of Australia, be it cyclones, bushfires, floods or extreme heat.

Crimsafe’s involvement in ‘Resilience Road’

As part of ‘Resilience Road’, Suncorp assessed the house at number 10 Resilience Road and specified Crimsafe Ultimate cyclone and ember screens be installed to form a protective barrier across the front façade of the home.

The screens were installed with a compliant window system to ensure the glass would be protected from burning and flying debris in a bushfire, storm or cyclone.

The residents, the Dixon family, now have the peace of mind that the unique aperture of Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel mesh will effectively reduce embers from penetrating the screen, while the screen itself will reduce the attenuation of heat, leaving the house not only survivable but also comfortable in the event of a bushfire.

In a cyclone, the Dixon’s can rest assured that the front of their home is protected against storm-driven debris from wind gusts up to 392kph.

Why was Crimsafe specified for ‘Resilience Road’?

In 2021, in partnership with Room-11 architects, James Cook University (JCU), CSIRO, and other industry-leading experts, the Suncorp ‘One House campaign set out to design and test a more resilient home for Australians. ‘Resilience Road‘ is the next iteration and applied the concepts of ‘One House’ into practical upgrades to real homes to make them more resilient.

In the design phase of ‘One House’, Crimsafe Ultimate screens were tested and specified for their ability to provide protection against bushfires and cyclones and were used on the exterior of the house to effectively reduce the damage caused by bushfire ember attacks, damaging winds, and wind-driven debris.

It was Crimsafe’s ability to withstand incredible impact and provide protection during these simulated, extreme weather events that it was again specified for the ‘Resilience Road’ project.

During the testing stage of the ‘One House’ project, Crimsafe was subjected to massive impacts and exposed to prolonged periods of severe bushfire conditions. You can read more about the testing here: <link to 2nd blog>.

Building ‘Resilience Road’

Here are just a few images of Crimsafe being installed on the Dixon family home at number 10 Resilience Road.

Resilience Road

Resilience Road

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