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Townsville Windows & Screens is a specialist contractor involved in the design, fabrication and installation of aluminium windows and doors and Crimsafe Security Doors. Our team has the industry experience to provide customers with practical and cost-effective solutions to meet a broad range of projects from residential, architectural and commercial requirements.

Our key focus in underpinning the success of  Townsville Windows & Screens is driven by these simple business objectives:

–   “Focus on the building and maintaining of a solid customer base, with the delivery of superior quality service, with fair dealings based on trust and respect”
–   “Create long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees”
–   “Sustain by the constant evaluation, ensuring we follow strong values whilst building our competitive advantage”

Townsville Windows & Screens operates from Townsville, North Queensland, allowing the company to service installations throughout North Queensland. Townsville Windows & Screens are quickly building a solid reputation within the construction industry and with its central location, provides the company with a sustainable competitive advantage and opportunity for future growth.

Townsville Windows & Screens recognise the importance of positive responsiveness, whilst managing any size project, we draw on our company structure and values to service these projects across the broad range of sectors with a diverse group of builders.