Wirraway Homestead

  • Wirraway Homestead Patio with Crimsafe security screens.
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Crimsafe Licencee
Central Glass and Aluminium
Biddaddaba, Queensland
Crimsafe Outdoor Enclosure & Pool Fencing

The owners of Wirraway Homestead selected Crimsafe to provide an elegant solution to meet pool compliance requirements and  to keep the home cool and secure.

The brief detailed that the infill panels needed to enclose the existing timber balustrade, but without obstructing the expansive view across the pool from the enclosed verandah.

Design Challenges

Key challenges came from the remoteness of the location and the requirement to work right up to the edge of the pool that came to the lower edge of the verandah.

The 30 infill panels were manufactured onsite using laser measuring technology.  The large panels, with an average span of 2600mm x 3200mm, were then installed into the existing timber verandah structure with the aid of scaffolding.

Midrails were required to strengthen the large panels. These were fitted at the precise height of the existing handrail, ensuring they weren’t visible when looking outward and presenting the viewer with a seamless vista.

Wirraway Homestead
Wirraway Homestead
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