Crimsafe iQ

Super strong, super smart

Crimsafe iQ has passed the toughest burglar-resistance testing in the world, making it the strongest stainless steel security screen door in Australia.

With patented technology including superior locking solutions, anti-jemmy heavy duty hinges and a wider, stronger frame, Crimsafe iQ is highly resistant to real-world attack.

The Crimsafe iQ range is our first security screen to incorporate smart technology, giving you the flexibility to choose between a mechanical (iQ-m) or electronic (iQ-e) option.

The iQ-m door features five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking, and mechanical key lock.

The iQ-e door features three lock modules, providing six-point locking, and electronic access options including PIN code keypad, Bluetooth and key fob.

Crimsafe iQ combines maximum convenience with maximum security. It is the perfect choice for:

  • homes
  • businesses
  • multi-residential complexes
  • office buildings
  • hospitals and other health facilities
  • retail outlets
  • banks
  • secure storage areas
  • facilities and equipment rooms
  • garages

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The Crimsafe  iQ™ door lets you choose between the iQ-m series, with a mechanical key lock, and the iQ-e series, with electronic access options.

The iQ-m features a ten-point locking system and a manual key lock. It is incredibly strong and resistant to attack.

The iQ-e has a six-point locking system and the convenience of PIN code keypad, Bluetooth or keyfob access. The iQ-e series is wired into a power source, and also has an override manual key lock in the event of a power failure.

With flexible access options and programmable features, Crimsafe iQ is the first of its kind in Australia, combining exceptional strength and security with convenience and many more benefits:

  • Crimsafe iQ has passed one of the toughest burglar resistance tests in the world, providing unparalleled security and resistance to real-life attack
  • convenience of electronic access options including PIN code keypad, Bluetooth or key fob
  • programmable features via a mobile app lets you tailor security functions to your personal needs
  • allows you to leave main entry doors open, enjoying natural light and airflow without compromising security
  • protection from solar heat gain and UV rays reduces the need for air conditioning and cuts power bills
  • protection from hail and wind-borne debris
  • smooth profile and good looks of Crimsafe Ultimate’s framing system

Crimsafe iQ incorporates cutting-edge security hardware technology. Product features include:

  • electronic or mechanical multi-point locking system
  • European designed hardware
  • anti-jemmy heavy duty hinges
  • day/ night programming can specify whether the door should lock automatically on closing (iQ-e series)
  • emergency release from inside (iQ-e series)
  • thicker and wider frame with patented anti-jemmy features
  • multiple access options including a choice of manual key lock, PIN code keypad, Bluetooth or key fob
  • access to programming features via mobile app
  • individually programmable PIN codes
  • patented U-groove profile design to withstand jemmy attack
  • patented Crimsafe Ultimate framing system with unique Screw-Clamp™ technology and clip-on protective cover


Crimsafe is constantly testing and improving our products and processes.

Crimsafe  iQ takes security performance to the next level, and has passed RC2 level of European Standards  (EN1627:2011 RC2), which is recognised as one of the toughest burglar-resistance testing programs in the world.

This test far exceeds the criteria of Australian Standards testing and includes:

  • impact testing using 50kg impactor
  • static loading in internal and external directions up to 300kg
  • resistance to manual break-in attempts using a range of tools.

No other security screen product in Australia can match this level of performance.


Crimsafe aluminium frames are powder-coated for a beautiful finish. A wide range of standard colours are available to suit your home.

Custom colours may be available on request. The standard range of colours is shown below.

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