Sliding Security Windows

Sliding Security Windows

Crimsafe sliding window security screens can be single, double or triple sliding and feature our emergency exit Safe-S-Capes® system.

Single sliding Safe-S-Capes® are great for tight window fittings where separate window tracks can't be fitted, or for servery windows where you need to reach an outdoor entertaining area easily.

The security screen slides within a single track and can be fitted in two ways: with the moving panel sliding from the side with the locking position on the jambs, or with the locking position in the centre and panels sliding apart to the left and right.

Double and triple-sliding Safe-S-Capes® are a system of two, or three sliding panels that slide within two tracks. Along one edge of each panel is a full length locking stile that, when lightly pressed, releases along its entire length. When closed, the overlapping Crimsafe panels reinforce each other via an interlock, forming a strong and secure barrier. They can be installed on the inside or outside of sliding windows, or the inside of casement windows.

Also available in Ultimate