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Pool fences to secure your lifestyle

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Fence your pool with Crimsafe

It’s great having a pool. Especially on a hot day. But how do you make sure your pool is out of bounds when you’re not there? At Crimsafe we understand that security isn’t just about crims. It’s about keeping kids safe too. That’s why we’ve created pool security solutions that range from fencing to full enclosure.


Crimsafe Pool Fences can be customised to the shape of your pool and the style of your home. With a full enclosure you’re virtually bringing the pool inside your house. You still get to enjoy the views and the airflow. And because Crimsafe blocks more than half of the UV rays, you’re more protected from the sun too.

Benefits of Crimsafe pool fences

Pools are fun. They’re part of your lifestyle. And Crimsafe can help you secure that enjoyment for you. Our design doesn’t compromise the architectural beauty of this family focal point. In fact it enhances the look of the pool area and your home. Crimsafe also:

  • Much harder for young kids to climb
  • Fits perfectly because it’s made-to-measure
  • Block 53% of heat and 62% of UV rays
  • Works as a fence or a full enclosure
  • Suit older homes and modern architecture
  • Has our famous Screw-Clamp technology
A Crimsafe Authorised Licensee will be in touch shortly