Neighbbourhood Watch Month - Top 10 Tips

Neighbourhood Watch Month: Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Home Security

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This month is Neighbourhood Watch Month and we’ve partnered with Neighbourhood Watch Australasia to encourage all Australian families to check the effectiveness of their home security. We want all Australians to do what they can to make their homes safer and more secure, and we urge them to get involved with their local Neighbourhood Watch Group.

As Crime Prevention Partners, Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia created Secure Score – a FREE online home security assessment tool to help you rate your security and get an action plan to help you better protect your home.

Neighbourhood Watch Month is more than just a score. It’s about your home, your families and your communities. That’s why we want all households across the country to take up the challenge and check their Secure Score and do whatever they can to raise it to protect what’s important.

Here are our Top 10 tips to help you improve your home security this Neighbourhood Watch Month: 


From the Street

  • Invest in a security camera or alarm – Intruders are typically opportunistic. Visible security signs on your fence, letterbox, windows or perimeter may deter intruders.
  • Arrange for mail to be collected when on holidays – Ask a trusted neighbour to collect the mail while you are on holiday. Having uncollected mail in the letterbox is a sign that no one is home.
  • Join a local Neighbourhood Watch group – Your local Neighbourhood Watch will have tips and initiatives for your specific local area.

In the Yard

  • Install sensor lights around external doors and windows – Use sensor lighting to light up entry points and give intruders nowhere to hide.
  • Keep gates locked – Your gate is your first line of defence, so keep it locked and in good repair.
  • Keep your garage and/or garden shed locked – Locking away tools, ladders, and garden equipment not only prevents theft but also means they can’t be used to break into your home.
  • Ensure wheelie bins and other climbable items are secured away from the house – Wheelie bins and other climbable items can be used to reach less secure entry points above ground level. Keep them secure and away from the house.

In the House

  • Have adequate locks on all external doors – Triple locks or deadlocks increase the strength and security of your doors.
  • Leave shoes by the front door – Leaving a pair of your old shoes at the front and back door helps give the impression that someone is home.
  • Secure the laundry door – Consider adding extra security to this often-forgotten part of your home.


Final words

And here’s a bonus tip! If you would like some help with your home security, reach out to your nearest Crimsafe supplier for a free measure and quote today.