Security Is Still Important, Even When You’re Home

2 minutes read

The COVID-19 virus has affected every one of us, not just those who have been infected. One result of this is that we are spending much more time at home; in fact, most of the time if we are following the isolation and distancing requirements.

Time at home, whether that be because you are working from home or because you aren’t going out as much as usual, can be pleasant and we need to make the most of it. However, we could be lulled into a false sense of security and believe that because we are at home, we don’t need to lock up in the same way that we usually do when we leave home.

The local Crime Wrap for one Police Division looked at home break and enters and stealing of/from vehicles, and in one week there were 15 incidents. That number is quite high, but four homes were unlocked, the keys were left in two vehicles, and three other vehicles were not secured.

You won’t need a calculator to work out that well over half of the incidents for the week were cases where the residents or vehicle owners were simply careless, and the crimes could easily have been prevented.

The point we are trying to make is that we MUST lock our homes and vehicles, even when we are at home. COVID-19 might be keeping us away from our usual places of work etc, but it will not stop thieves from doing what they do best – stealing from other people.

Walk the dog, go for a walk if you can do so within the recommended limits, water the plants, or do those jobs you haven’t had time to do or complete. Enjoy the time at home but ALWAYS remember your security.

This article was originally written by ViP Bill Jeffs and published on the Neighbourhood Watch South Brisbane website.
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