Protecting Your Home Against Break-ins

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The latest break-in statistics across Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent data (published in Early 2019), 2017-2018 saw a reported 231,100 break-ins and 205,400 attempted break-ins’. With almost 32% of these break-ins not being the first incident, it is important to regularly consider your own home security measures along with what might need upgrading.

So what else do we know about break-ins across the country.

Security measures in Australia

Approximately 44% (4.1 million) of Australian households were classified as having enhanced security measures to protect their home, while just over half (5.0 million) had some measure of security. In the last year almost one in eight Australian households installed or upgraded at least one security measure.

Outcomes of break-ins
In the last 12 months, what were the most common outcomes of break-ins across the country?

  • Most households reported to have had property stolen (73%)
  • Over a quarter of households had personal and irreplaceable items stolen (29%)
  • Just less than half of households had property damaged in the break-in(45%)

Signs of attempted break-in

While not all break-ins are successful, it is important to look out for the signs of attempts to get into your home. Of all reported break-in attempts, the most commonly identified evidence was damage to or tampering with doors or windows (47%), followed by seeing or hearing someone trying to break-in (20%).

Reporting to Police

Unfortunately, only 39% of households had reported their most recent incident of attempted break in to the police. When asked why, just over one-quarter of households considered the attempt to be too trivial/unimportant, while a further 15% of households (29,800) believed that there was nothing the police could do.

Security screens reign supreme

Thankfully almost all Australian households (97%) are reported to have at least one selected security measure installed that may prevent the occurrence of break-ins. With the rates of reported incidents dropping over the last 10 years, Australians are taking home security seriously and security screens play an important part in this.

The most common security measures installed (in houses or semi-detached houses) are::

  • A door with a security screen (72%),
  • A door with a deadlock (70%)
  • Outside sensor lighting (62%)
  • Window with a keyed lock (58%)
  • Window with a security screen/shutter (32%)
  • Alarm (25%)
  • Door with a chain (17%)
  • Security Camera (12%)

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