Cyclone Debris Protection

Protection for the most extreme conditions.

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Cyclone Protection for your Home

Crimsafe Cyclone Debris screens can protect your home or business against storm-driven debris from wind gusts up to 392kph, while providing security from intruders, superior airflow and unhindered views.

A wide range of Crimsafe products are approved for use in Cyclone regions C & D, including doors, windows and Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes®, which all meet the 36 m/s requirement. Our specially designed Crimsafe Cyclone Debris Screens feature a unique build-out installation to protect glass windows from wind-borne debris and pass the highest levels for Cyclone Debris Screening required for regions C & D, withstanding impact up to 44 m/s.

Map showing Cyclone Regions in Australia

The Cyclone Debris Test

The Cyclone Debris Test (AS1170.2:2011) is conducted in two parts. An air cannon fires a missile at predetermined air pressures to generate the required impact speeds for Cyclone Regions C & D.

  1. The screen is impacted with a 4kg piece of timber fired from the air cannon
  2. The screen is impacted with an 8mm steel ball repeated five times in different areas of the screen

The Results

Crimsafe’s Screw-Clamp™ technology system makes our stainless-steel security screens incredibly strong and our products have been tested to withstand the threat of extreme weather conditions up to 44 m/s, exceeding the Australian Standard 36m/s requirement.

Crimsafe screens are up to 26.5% thicker than most other mesh products on the market that use 0.8mm mesh, providing the highest protection from the impact of hail and wind-borne debris.

View the video here:

A Crimsafe Authorised Licensee will be in touch shortly