Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

Crimsafe protects so much more than just homes and businesses.

Architects and builders have used Crimsafe in hospitals, aged-care centres, prisons, schools, overpasses and walkways, sports ground enclosures, retail outlets and warehouses, banks, residential and mixed-use developments.

For situations that require an exceptional level of security and may need to withstand an organised attack, Crimsafe has created a specific commercial-grade product, able to withstand an impressive 1200J of impact.

Crimsafe's commercial-grade product has:

  1. Five times as many tamper-proof screws holding the clamp and mesh together, spaced every 25mm along the clamp (compared to every 125mm for our regular product).
  2. Screws drilled into the clamp in a staggered formation to resist the tendency for a single line of screws to weaken the mesh under extreme pressure.
  3. Double the clamp-to-mesh contact area for an even stronger grip.
  4. 60% thicker aluminium frame to lengthen the screen’s resistance time under the heaviest attack.

As a result, we created a product that is 12 times stronger than the impact level required by the Australian Standard.