North Queensland Household Resilience Program Renewed

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Residents of North Queensland have welcomed the Premier’s announcement that the North Queensland Household Resilience Program will be renewed as part of its Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs stimulus package.

Eligible homeowners will be able to install products that have been approved for use in Cyclone regions C and D, including Crimsafe doors, windows and Safe-S-Capes®, all which meet the 36 m/s requirement.

Australian cyclone regions

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff® mesh and exclusive Screw-Clamp™ technology offer superior strength that protects against storm-driven debris from wind gusts up to 392kph. The unique ‘build-out’ installation, specifically designed for cyclone-prone regions, is the most effective way to protect the doors and windows of your home or business, which are often the most vulnerable to damage during extreme weather conditions.

The program was established to assist those whose homes were built prior to 1984 and enables owners to strengthen and protect their homes from the damage caused by cyclones in the North Queensland regions between Bundaberg and Cape York.

Since its introduction in 2018, the Household Resilience Program has reduced home building insurance premiums by an average of $310 per year, and strengthened over 1,750 older homes against the impact of cyclones.

Following previous success to support local jobs and save on household insurance premiums, the renewed program promises an additional $21.25 million of funding.

“I can confirm we are extending this program with another $11.25 million, and I welcome the Federal Government’s commitment to provide $10 million of funding,” said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The announcement was received as a practical, immediate and proven way to provide local jobs and improve the strength of vulnerable homes and reduce insurance premiums.

“It helps low-income homeowners in cyclone-prone areas feel more secure knowing that their home has been strengthened to give it a better chance of withstanding cyclonic weather conditions,” said Insurance Council of Australia’ Head of Communications, Campbell Fuller.

Owners of pre-1984 homes, within cyclone-affected regions between Bundaberg and Cooktown, are encouraged to check their eligibility for the Household Resilience Program and to invest now in the long-term resilience of their homes and communities by taking advantage of the grants available.

Find out more about Crimsafe’s range of Cyclone products and find the nearest authorised Crimsafe dealer in your region.