Even with security screens, form follows function

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‘Form follows function’ is one of the most famous principles in all of architecture. For those unfamiliar with its meaning, it refers to the idea that the shape of structures should be dictated by their function. In other words, the way something looks should be determined by how it works.

Architects and industrial designers have long grappled with striking the perfect balance between creative expression and functional purpose. In many ways it’s the holy grail of design! Manmade structures as far back as the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese are testament to this idea.

Fast track to 2019 and this design principle couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the evolution of modern security screens at Crimsafe. We’re proud to say that our market-leading products are created with ‘form follows function’ in mind. We firmly believe security products should complement, or even enhance the look of the structure they are protecting. The days of clunky ‘diamond-shaped’ security screens are well behind us.

In residential applications, Crimsafe delivers architecturally sensitive solutions for a range of budgets, from low-cost, multi-dwelling housing through to prestigious designer homes. Because Crimsafe can be custom measured and built to ensure seamless application, it’s ideal for use on traditional windows and doors as well as more bespoke uses in wide-spanning bi-fold doors, patio enclosures, pool fences and more.

Similarly, Crimsafe is well-suited for use in commercial applications such as schools, hospitals, sports venues, train stations and more. With the dual benefit of meeting Australian Standards of safety and adding a sharp edge to design aesthetics, Crimsafe delivers solutions that many architects want and need. Crimsafe can be particularly useful to architects when factored into the early stage design phase, as the sleek security panels can be best integrated into the overall plan.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see how Crimsafe has featured in some interesting and unexpected architectural designs.

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